History of Golden Tees

The Golden Tees golf club was started in 1974. A group of women that together to go out to the Inglewood golf course every Saturday and became participants in a Golf clinic hosted by ARCO and administered by Argralia Earles.

In addition to the regular Saturday ball hitting sessions Earles would often solicit the help of local WSGA club to come out to the clinic and help the ladies with the basic skills of golf and give them pointers on how to pitch and putt. Out of one of these clinics, the Golden Tees Golf Club was born. They were minority women from all walks of life, homemakers, cosmetologist, nurses, teachers, and businesswomen.

While practicing one Saturday morning, a couple of the ladies, Thelma Amey, Ella Davis, Eleanor Taylor, and Lottie Reddick got the idea of starting up their own golf club and becoming a member of WSGA. Agralia Earles played the key role in the formation of what is now known as the Golden Tees Golf Club.

Agralia had a genuine zest for the game itself and enjoyed sharing her time and helping women get started in the sport. She was appointed to be the Chairperson for Aide To Women Golfers, which is now known as Women in Golf.

In 2016, Golden Tees became a coed club with male members Mike Lundy, Cornell Mapp, Stanley, Howell, and Elliot Bland. Golden Tees golf club is proud to be a member of WSGA and salutes its parent association for a many successful years of providing and maintaining a nucleus and atmosphere for minorities to expand their skills and talents and share a special camaraderie in a sport that not long ago was seemingly beyond they are reach.