Player Development

Golden Tees Golf Club offers its members a players training program to sharpen their golfing skills which consist of Putting, Chipping, and Driving.

Whether you're picking up a club for the first time or if you're coming back to the sport after some time away, we're here to help! We know this sport can be intimidating. We also believe you'll love it once you try it. Golf has something for everybody, including juniors and veterans.

Golden Tees Golf Club has a player development program to help golfers of every level learn and practice the fundamentals of the Drive, Pitch, Chip and Putt. Have fun when playing by learning to play the right way with a professional golf instructor. Golf is not a game of perfection, so practice won't make you perfect, but it will make you better.

About Chip Womack

I've been playing golf 28 years, I have PGA credentials. I'm the head golf coach for Saint Monica high schools, boys and girls golf teams, I've been featured in Golf Digest twice. A member of Golden Tees Golf Club and I'm also the head pro for She who golf, and City Club downtown Los Angeles, Bunker Hill. I teach out of Los Angeles, at Maggie Hathaway Golf Course, my mission in life is to show these kids the right way to play golf and grow this game tremendously.